Friday, December 2, 2011

Luck or Good Management

This past summer we started to do some research on new feeds.  Processed feed for the cattle that we were getting ready for shows and sales and feed that we would be giving to our weaned cattle.  After a lot of reading and phone calls by Rob, we decided that we would switch feed companies.  Our new feed was going to be coming from Masterfeeds.

We decided on 2 different rations.  The first being their Show - Stopper ration.  This was for the show and sale cattle.
  Show-Stopper Texturized Show Cattle Ration TM Show-Stopper® Texturized Show Cattle Ration is a 12.5% protein texturized ration intended to be fed up to 10 kg per head per day. It is a concentrated formula of selected ingredients, containing high levels of quality protein, minerals and vitamins intended to produce a shiny, healthy hair-coat.

The ration that was given to the weaned calves at home was a pelleted ration to grow them out.  All of the cattle  have done really well on both rations. 
 This was the good management piece of the story.

The rest of the story is that in November we were attending our first big show of the season and talking with our Nutritionist and feed rep - Doug Roxburgh. 

Doug mentioned that he had a supplier that was wanting to give a bonus away if he sold enough of the product that Masterfeeds uses.  Doug surpassed the goal and was awarded the bonus.  He chose to use it as a customer appreciation draw.  Doug and his wife Kate will be traveling to the NWSS in Denver in January.  They will be taking with them one of their customers..........from High Country Cattle.
Rob has been down the the Denver Stock show several times, but I have not been there for 26 years.  I'm sure there has been a few changes.  Thanks you to Doug and Masterfeeds for this wonderful surprise and opportunity.  Also to our daughter Stacy who is going to take a few days off work to come out and calve cows so that we can leave home.  Can't wait to see some great cattle and catch up with our American cattle friends in the yards.

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