Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Understanding us Country Folk

Like most farm and ranch families, most of our friends are in the business and understand the language that we speak.  There is no need to define, heifers from cows or steers from bulls.  When we talk about setting a cow up, they usually understand that we are talking about Embryo Transplant.

This past year we have had a visitor to the farm quite frequently......Stacy's boyfriend Dan.  Dan's parent's have a farming background, but by the time he would have been old enough to visit the farm in Manitoba it had been sold.  So he has had first time and first hand experiences at High Country.  I must say that he is a fast learner and in no time was leading and washing show cattle.  We do have to remind ourselves to talk about something other than cattle sometimes.  Which is pretty hard at this time of year with all of the shows, and sales going on.  Dan was great help at Farmfair.  He only intended to come one day but came back for a second day.

This past year Rick Mercier visited Canadian Western Agribiton and had a first hand look at all that is involved in showing livestock.  Check out his video on YouTube

I guess we have to remember that if we want Urban and non agriculture people to understand our lifestyle, we have to speak a language that they understand.

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