Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It seems like not matter what you talk about everyone has a favorite something.  Favorite coffee, way to spend a weekend, favorite relative and here at High Country we have our favorite cows.  If you have followed our blog for awhile you will know that Harmony and Fantasy were Crystal's favorites,

  Ruffles was the favorite for Stacy

and Rob just likes them all.  Although I think he is a bit partial to Elle and First Date
First Date

This weekend we are selling 2 of  my favorites, Dream Date and Prom Date

Dream Date
I've been banned from doing the sale cattle chores as every time I do, I tell Rob "Do you really think we should be selling Prom Date? 
Prom Date
She's going to make such a great cow?  How are we going to replace her?  This is where he tells me that we have a full sister to her in the herd and 3 additional daughters from Dream Date so all will be fine.

He must have been thinking yesterday that I might not be 100% convinced.  So he made a purchase at the Shades Sale in Manitoba.  MRL Miss 644Y - soon to be named MRL Obsession 644Y is on her way to High Country Cattle. 
We haven't met in person yet but from all that we have heard about this Wheatland Predator 922W daughter she could very well be my new favorite.  Might make selling Dream Date and her daughter Prom Date on December 17 just a little bit easier.

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