Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Really About the People

Wow, November has just flown by.  There are so many great things that have happened in the last month.  It really has been a lot of fun.  Most of them revolve around the people that we have been with at the cattle shows.

Stacy with the Sutter girls, from Kelvington, SK
There really isn't much difference raising purebred cattle and commercial cattle.  In fact some of the most successful commercial operations probably have as good a records and data on their cattle as purebred breeders.  For us the bonus in raising purebred cattle are the great people that we get to meet and hang out with.  Sometimes we can go a whole year without much contact, but when show and sale season arrives it's like reconnecting with our "other" family.
Tom & Lizzy Baker
The Schwartz Family
3D Simmentals - our hosts for the week
Also 2011 Saskatchewan Breeder of the Year

We also enjoy the new people that we meet each year.  Those that are just strolling through the barns and take the time to stop a visit with us for a few minutes.  We have an unwritten rule at High Country Cattle - someone needs to be at the stall at all times!  We do take turns going through and looking at the other breeders cattle, not only in our barn but the other breeds, but our "job" when we are at the shows is to have someone at the stall.  It's actually as much fun as the showing part.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to look at the cattle that we displayed.  The comments that we received on our breeding program and the interest in the cattle that we will be selling on December 17.  It really is about the people!

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