Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

It's seems like the media can come up with a day to celebrate for most everything.  But once in a while they declare one that is really important.  Now I'm not saying that there shouldn't be a day to recognize and celebrate the men in our lives but I do embrace the celebration of Women around the world.

When I think of today and the important women that have been in my life and that currently are, I  think of strong, independent, high energy, creative, hard working, multi-tasking, fun loving, caring individuals.  I am so happy that I get to live in a country where women are able to be all of these things and more.

We may not have accomplished all of the things that we have set out to do.  But I think that we all  make a difference each and every day in our homes, our communities and the lives of our family and friends.  We all have a different way of doing it but it makes a great impact on everyone around us.  Take a moment to celebrate yourself and the women in your life today.  Cheers!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Representing You

Our family has always believed that you need to give back in some way to the organizations that you belong to or just your community in general. We both grew up in families where our parents volunteered. All of them were 4-H leaders and helped on local community committees when time permitted. My dad (Chuck) has probably volunteered the most with over 35 years with the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede and numerous other organizations.

In our own family Rob has been on the Red Angus Promotion Society, a 4H project leader and the President of the Alberta Simmental Association. Both Crystal and Stacy were on the AYCS - junior Simmental board of directors and Stacy was the National YCS President.

  I was recently elected to the Canadian Simmental Association. Our first board meeting is on March 16 & 17 in Calgary. Most board of directors meet in the spring. I encourage anyone that belongs to an association of any kind to contact their directors and let them know what they need from their association. It shouldn't just be a handful of people making decisions that affect how you conduct your business or how the association that belongs to all of the members is operated. If we don't hear from the membership then all we can do is use our best judgement when making plans.
Back row: Barb Judd, Kelly Ashworth, Randy Mader, John Sullivan, Fraser Redpath, Bruce Holmquist
Front row: Lacey Fisher, Kara Enright, Ron Nolan, Judy Sweet, Deanne Young

The Canadian Simmental Association has nine members of their board of directors.  Contact one of them before the next meeting and let them know what you need from your association in order to sell more Simmental genetics and acquire more of the market share.
Ron Nolan
Markdale, ON
Phone: (519) 986-2450
First Vice-President
Fraser Redpath
Mather, MB
Phone: (204) 529-2560
Second Vice-President
Randy Mader
Carstairs, AB
Phone: (403) 337-2928
John Sullivan
Kazabazua, PQ
Phone: (819) 467-2713
Judy Sweet
Drayton Valley, AB
Phone: (780) 542-2634
Lacey Fisher
Amherst, NS
Phone: (902) 661-0766
Kara Enright
Tweed, ON
Phone: (613) 478-3404
Deanne Young
Breton, AB
Phone/Fax: (780) 696-3643
Kelly Ashworth
Oungre, SK

Phone: (306) 456-2749