Thursday, December 22, 2011

Red is My Favorite - part 2

Yesterday I shared with you some of our favorite things that come in Red - Simmental cattle, Canadian mittens, scarfs and of course Red Red Wine.  But I forgot my newest favorite Red.  I never thought I would say this because of Toby Keith......but Red Solo Cup makes the list.

  I love this little tune and when I hear it, I think of a few things that he left out.  Like:
  •  Caesers at Agribtion with the Tableland Crew
  • Yukaflux at a cattle show
  • Red Red Wine at a cattle show
  • seems like beverages at almost any cattle function.
We haven't purchased JJB and CDY their wedding gift yet.  Maybe a set of Red Solo Cups would be a gift they'll never forget.

 "Red Solo Cup, let's fill you up.  Let's have a Party!"

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