Friday, August 26, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten

Often when someone passes on we hear the words " Gone but not Forgotten"  Those words could not be truer than with the passing of Walt Browarny, on August 24, 2011

Walt is known world wide for the photographs that he has taken in the Agriculture Industry.  Our family grew up with Walt.  Through the cattle shows and even the horse events that Rob participated in. 

Both Crystal and Stacy had the opportunity to work for Walt and Show Champions.  His name is on thousands of pictures that hang on the walls of our homes, offices and exhibitions.  Checkout this feature of him on Crystal's blog.

I remember one time that my mom had been really wanting to get a family picture.  Dad wasn't going to take the time to get all dressed up to go to some studio, so she suggested that we get Walt to take the picture. She did make us dress up though.  Walt came out to the farm and promptly told us to go and change or he wouldn't take the picture.  We threw on our winter coats, grabbed the dogs and headed to the river for the picture.

This is what we will remember about Walt:
  • He was the best at what he did.
  • He had the patience of a saint, even when he was growling about an uncooperative animal.
  • The love of his life was his "Marie"
  • No one was prouder of their family.
  • He loved "Jack Russel Terriers" and a refreshing glass of "Scotch"
  • He made you feel like you showed the Champion even if you didn't
Thank you Walt for capturing the many memories that we hold close to our heart.  You may be gone from this world, but will continue to live on forever.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer - What a Rush

  Well this summer has blew by and I cannot believe fall is around the corner.  Crystal and Jon have got things well on the way for their wedding April 7/12 and we had a great time there in June. Met the family and everything went great. We are looking forward to having Jon and his family a part of ours.

Crystal & Jon
Independence, Iowa

JJB Cattle Company
The summer has been wet. Not tonnes of rain just rain every day it seems. That has made for lots of grass though and the cattle have come along very well. Crops are not so good in our area and it makes me happy to not have a bunch of grain in this year. Even the swath grazing does not look good ! The fellow we get hay from has made progress the last 10 days and we are hauling hay home now. Half done and will get the rest soon.

 The cattle have done well. We really are excited with the bull and heifer calves that are on the ground and the young cows have made a big impression on the visitors this summer. We are working towards an exciting fall with shows and some pretty impressive sale lots even if I do say so myself. Stay tuned.
CAJS Elegant Force W24
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