Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red is my Favorite

Now this can mean a lot of different things to different people.  For Rob it would be one of his favorite colors of cattle.  To Crystal it might be her Red Canadian mittens, I know that Stacy probably has a favorite Red scarf but for me my favorite Red is wine!

My love of wine and red in particular came from my first visit to Australia.  We would spend our weekends touring different vineyards and spending sometime in the tasting rooms.  I highly recommend this as a weekend event.  I like to try different wines and though I would share a couple of my new favorites just in time for Christmas
 The first was given to me for my birthday by Stacy's BF.  They picked it because of the label and it was from Australia.  Not really the most scientific way to select a wine, but a very good choice none the less.  It is produced by Yalumba Winery - Australia's Oldest family owned winery.
Deep crimson purple in colour, the 2010 Y Series Shiraz Viognier has aromas that are both wild and exotic. Blueberries, violets and cherry ripe notes from the Shiraz are elevated by the subtle influence of Viognier, which brings an alluring Turkish delight character. The well rounded palate is medium to full bodied and shows Turkish delight and cherry ripe flavours that are in harmony with the silky tannins. This sells for about $18 / bottle.

Middle Sister Wines
These are a fun of wines.  The fun part is to take the personality quiz on their website and find out whichof their wines is for you.  I recently gifted "Rebel Red" to my friend Dawn on her 50th birthday. There really is a little Middle Sister in all of us.

the story
Did you know that birth order is commonly believed to have a profound and lasting effect on psychological development? And that the middle sister has a greater chance of having a special wine named just for her? A sassy blend of our three favorite red varieties perfect for sipping before, during and after our favorite family meals. Some people are just born lucky. Now give me back my blouse.

what's in it?
38% Zinfandel, 34% Merlot, 21% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Syrah, 2% mixed red varietals.
100% California grapes with 42% from the Lodi appellation.

smells like...
...ripe red and dark berry fruits like plum, blueberry and blackberry. Sassy dash of black and white pepper with a dollop of cro
me de cassis.

tastes like...
...a huge mouthful of ripe summer berries. The fruit goes on and on, ending in a luxurious finish.

yummy with...
Roasts, grilled meats, pizza, pasta, salmon, burgers, burritos, soups and sandwiches.

If you have a favorite, please pass it on.  I'm always looking to try something new.  Cheers!

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