Monday, October 25, 2010

We're Back

Sorry for the long absence.  Between our 3 week adventure to the land Down Under and the fall work that was waiting for us at home, blogging has not been our first priority.  We apologize to those of you that kept checking our blog while we were away.  Our days were long and computer access short, along with the fact that you have to pay for WiFi services at all  of the hotels.  Over the next while we will share our adventures with you.  You can also check out our daughter Crystal's blog who was a bit better at blogging while traveling.
Sydney City Hall
We arrived in Sydney on a direct 15 hour flight from Vancouver, BC.  It was 8:00 am and day and a half from departure time.  Our long time friend Sean Trenowth picked us up and we headed out for an Aussie Breakfast.  Coffee was the first thing I was needing.  After learning how to order coffee - tall black, short black, tall white, flat white we enjoyed a great traditional Aussie breakfast of eggs, a rasher of bacon, sausage, grilled tomatoes and baked beans along with Turkish bread (very good).  I soon learned that I would not be drinking the thick black coffee for the next three weeks and switched to tea.
We spent the next day and half touring the city of Sydney.  We stayed at the oldest hotel in Sydney - The Lord Nelson's Hotel and Brewery,
The Lord Nelson

Rob's cowboy hat got lots of attention
Our day included the Sydney Opera House,

An Aboriginal man playing the Didgeridoo,

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Once we had learned how to cross the street, which is more difficult than it seems with the traffic going the opposite direction than we were used to
we enjoyed our first night in Australia with Sean, Paul and Ann Trenowth.  Paul was on the Australian Simmental Council in the 1980's and was on the planning committee for the 1984 World Simmental Congress.
Rob and his new mates celebrating his birthday.
The next day we were back on a plane to Melbourne, to meet up with Crystal and the other Canadians that were attending the World Simmental Congress.  I promise their will be lots of cattle and agriculture blogs on this trip.

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