Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Queen Victoria Market - Melbourne

Once we arrived in Melbourne, we met up with our daughter Crystal, Barry, Myrna,& Kerrie Bennet, Robert & Carol Lind and Dana & Gilles Lajoie (Hicks).We weren't officially registered with the World Simmental Congress as we wanted to do a few different things.  The Simmental Cattle were not at the showgrounds yet, so we spent a morning at the Queen Victoria Market. Now Rob is not really a shopper, but was being a good sport and went along.
The first Hall that we went into was the Meat Hall . Once we were inside, he was in his element.  Queen Victoria Market is Victoria's premier open-air market.

The friendly competition between stallholders, and their concern for customers, is what gives the Market its Old World charm and the addictive power to draw millions of visitors each year.
This vendor explained the Aussie Beef Market to us.  We had him wearing a I Love Alberta Beef Pin before we left.
The vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere of this historic site has endeared the Market to Melburnians for 130 years. The Market is probably best known for its huge variety of fresh produce. Almost 50% of the Market area is dedicated to the sale of fresh produce, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, chicken, seafood and delicatessen products.

The remainder of the Market is used for variety and speciality goods, with Sundays being the most popular day for this category.

The Market is divided into a number of Market Precincts; the Deli Hall, Elizabeth Street Shops, F shed laneway, Vic Market Place Food Court, Fruit and Vegetables, The Meat Hall, Organics, General Merchandise, Victoria Street Shops and the Wine Market.

With 10 fishmongers, Queen Victoria Market seafood section offers the best range of quality fresh fish and seafood in Melbourne - it's a seafood hot spot. The range includes fresh whole fish, fillets (both fresh- and salt-water varieties) and myriad crustacean species. In 1995 a powerful air-conditioning system was installed, allowing the Hall to be used as a boning room outside of trading hours.

Many businesses in the Hall specialise in particular cuts and styles of meat, for example, in offal or sausages. Others are pork specialists (selling only female pork, which is sweeter). Still others sell meat cut to suit particular cuisines, such as Italian or Asian.

Some of the Waygu and Angus Beef for sale.

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