Saturday, October 30, 2010

World Simmental Congress Update

Visiting Australia was on our "bucket list". Our incentive to plan and make us take a trip to Australia was that they were hosting the World Simmental Congress.  Canada was honored to host the Congress in 2006.  We took a large string out to the show and were very pleased with the interest in our program.  Following the Congress we were able to sell some embryos ( more on that at a later time) to 2 studs in Australia.  That is when we decided to start planning to attend the Congress in Melbourne.  Due to the fact that we had several contacts in Australia and that Dee had lived over there a number of years ago, we didn't formally register with the congress but planned our trip to be there during the same time.  The show was hosted at the Royal Melbourne Show in September. The exhibitors did a great job displaying the cattle.  They showed 36 hours after arrival.  Some exhibitors had traveled over 20 hours.

The show was judged by John Young (no relation) from Scotland.  He had a very interesting way of describing his placings.  Was looking for a female with a "glint in her eye".  The classes are different than North American shows. Starting with heifers 9 - 12 months, then 12 to 15 months, 15 - 18 months, 18 to 20 months.  These are all considered Junior Females.  Heifers 20 to 24 months, 24 to 30 months and cows over 30 months all compete for the Senior Champion Cow.  Although some of them may not have calved yet.  They also only declare a Champion Female and Champion Bull, no Reserve Champions.  They also declare a Supreme Exhibit.  All exhibits must be shown with a nose clip, including the females.  This is for safety and enforced by the fair association.

The bull classes are divided by the same ages.  There were 24 entries in the 12 - 15 months heifer class.  All of them come in at the same time.  The judge selects 6 - 8 animals and those are placed and the rest are moved to the back row.  Instead of ribbons the exhibitors are awarded sashes.  Our daughter Crystal was able to work with the show team of Woonallee Simmentals.  The Bakers from South Australia.  Crystal showed several animals, including the Reserve Junior Bull. 

Many of the entries were traditional colored Simmentals, although there were a few Red and Black factor entries.  Congratulations to all of the exhibitors, you had a great display of cattle.  Here is the complete results are reported by The Land  publication. We'll chat more next time about some of the animals and the pedigrees.

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