Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great Ocean Road

Following our stay in Melbourne for the World Simmental Congress we headed down to Geelong to visit with friends Cam & Carol Emerson.  I had met the Emerson family on my first visit to Australia in 1983.  Cam was very helpful getting us out of Melbourne and keeping us on the right side (I mean left side) of the road for our first crack at driving down under. 

Cam & Carol Emerson's beautiful home

We stopped for a quick visit at their home in Geelong before hitting the road along the Great Ocean Road.  This is rated as one of the Top 10 Roads to drive in the world. 

The scenery was beautiful and Rob thought he was a NASCAR driver taking all the curves in the road. 

Near the end of the drive are the Twelve Apostles. The Twelve Apostles are huge limestone rock formations separated from the cliff shore by the action of wind and waves. You won’t see 12 of these rock formations all at once, as they say some may be hidden from view from any of the vantage points. Some say as well that there are no longer 12 rock formations, because one or two (or as many as five) may have been eroded away. 
Twelve Apostles
 I hear that they are beautiful.  I say that because we never quite got there.  Our co-passenger Robert Lind of Timberlind Auctions, got a sever case of car sickness and pleaded with us to get off of the road.  We had made it as far as Apollo Bay. So we headed North and went through the area of Camperdown on route to Hamilton.  The timing was perfect as we were able to see some wonderful agriculture land and dairy farms.  We later learned that this is one of the largest dairy farming areas in Australia.  We were driving through the area as the cows were coming in for milking.
Throughout the area many of the farms had stone walls for their fences.
Although we didn't make it all the way along the Great Ocean Drive is was great to finally get out of the city and see some Australia Country side.

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