Monday, February 13, 2012

What's In A Name

There are lots of weird "holiday" around the world and apparently today is "Change Your Name Day".  This is the day that if you really don't like the name that you were given, you have the opportunity to change it a no cost.  Although I think the opportunity to change your name is there everyday, someone thought we needed to have a specific day for it.

When we didn't have a son
We named our dog Kurt
When our daughters were born we like most parents to be had a list of potential names.  There were 3 girls names each time and only one boy's name.  If we had had a son - his name would have been Kurtis Robert.  I insisted on it being spelt with a "K" as I did not want our son to have the initials CRY. 
Crystal just seemed to fit her more than Ashley or Amber.  Stacy was chosen from Jodi and Carli. 

We often joke that we have spent more time over the years thinking of names for our purebred Simmental cattle than we did naming our children.  When that special bull calf or potential donor female is born, the hunt is on to pick the right name.
I think our girls are just glad that we didn't get to creative with their names like some of these parents did.
  • Popcorn
  • Salt & Pepper - twins
  • Colt 44
  • Ryan Coke

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