Thursday, February 2, 2012

Commitment and Your Word

Commitment is a word that seems to have a different meaning than when most of us were growing up.  Rob and I can remember that we were taught that when we said we were going to do something, you did it.  Even if you found out early on that you really didn't like it.  If you joined a team or a group you were there until the year ended.

Growing up in the Agriculture world a "man's word" and hand shake was how most business got done.  I still panic a bit each spring wondering if some of our pasture rental is available as we deal with urban owners who are used to lawyers and contracts.  You just wonder if someone else came along and offered them five cents more if our deal would be over.
Their Wedding Day
50 Years ago today, a couple of people I know gave their word to each other and a commitment for life.  My Mom & Dad are celebrating their 50th wedding Anniversary.  Now I know that probably 99% of those that go through a wedding ceremony have good intentions to keep their word and commitment....until death do us part, but over 50% aren't able to succeed. I 'm sure if you could figure out all of the reasons why, you could be a very wealthy person.

50 Years Later
I like to think that part of the reason that they have made it this far, is because they knew that there would be hard times but staying and working through them was far more worth while than giving up.  Today we live in a throw away society.  Take out food, most everything is disposable and not enough people take responsibility for themselves. 

Rob and I have had good role models.  His parents enjoyed 59 years before his dad's passing, my parents are at 50 and we will celebrate our 28th this year.
We hope that when Crystal and Jon are married in April  their goal is 50+. 
Congratulations Mom and Dad, we hope you are enjoying your second honeymoon. We also want to congratulate Uncle Jack & Aunt Gaylene who are also celebrating their 44th Anniversary today.

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