Friday, February 24, 2012

Customer Service

This past week I had the opportunity to attend the Alberta Gift Show.  This is an invitation only trade show for business people to buy the stock for their retail businesses.  My very creative cousins Kim Mathews and Heather Saucier own a company called Baby Cakes.  They make baby gifts out of baby wash clothes, diapers and baby sock to look like a cupcake and packaged in a pastry box. 

When we were packing up from the show we noticed that there was a low tire on the Hummer (Kim's wheels).  Heather thought maybe it wasn't that low and could make it to Olds.  I convinced her to at least put some air in it.

Now I don't usually promote one company over another, because I think people should make their own choices.  Just like Beef,
I don't care if you eat local, organic, natural just as long as Beef is one of your protein choices.  Anyways I convinced Heather to stop at Kal Tire to put air in the tire.

 Upon looking at the tire we were told that it was actually flat.  Apparently the tires on Hummers don't do completely flat like regular tires, but there was no pressure in the tire.  This meant that we had to unhook the trailer, fix the tire and re hook before heading south.

The staff at the tire shop offered to do all of this for us while we went next door and had supper. 40 minutes later we came back to pay the bill.  The total amount was.......FREE, No Charge.  Apparently it is their company policy to not charge for repair of tires on personal vehicles.  Wow, I didn't think anyone did anything for free anymore.  We both commented on this policy and said that we would buy our next set of tires from Kaltire.  The manager said that was the whole idea behind the policy.

It just goes to show you that if you offer good customer service, you will become the choice of preference for the consumer and probably tell others.  Poor customer service and you won't go back and you certainly won't recommend that business to anyone else.

Thanks Kal Tire guys and we were glad that the young man helping us got to drive his first Hummer while helping us re hook the trailer!

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