Friday, February 3, 2012

The Price Is Right

Many of us grew up watching the game show `The Price Is Right``.  It was a fun innocent way to waste an hour trying to guess the right prices of the products and wishing that we were winning all of the cool prizes they were giving away.  Host Bob Barker seemed like a nice man that cared about dogs and cats and reminded us at the end of each show to spay or neuter our pets.  A good message on being a responsible pet owner.
 Years later, Bob has shown his true colors.  He has been very vocal about Lucy the elephant from the Edmonton Zoo and how she should be relocated to an elephant sanctuary in California.  Again it seems like a practical thing to do........if you weren`t a very old elephant that may not survive the trip or the relocation.

This last week the Calgary Stampede came up with a creative way to get new visitors to come to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth and to promote the 100 Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.  A trip to the Stampede and 6 pairs of custom made cowboy boots offered in the final showcase on The Price Is Right.  The positive response and inquires to tourism Calgary following the broadcasting of the show has been huge.  When ever we travel through the US or around the world, we are asked about the Calgary Stampede once people know that we are from Canada.  It is known as an event that everyone should try to attend once in their lifetime.
World Chuckwagon Races
Following the broadcast, Bob Barker was interviewed and showed his disgust at offering a trip to an event in which he thinks animals should not be a part of.  He went on to say that when he was on the show he stopped the giving away of fur coats and leather products.  Now I respect that everyone is entitled to their opinions and choices that they make in their lives, but I am getting really tired of celebrities thinking that they always know best.  I thought that was why we lived in free countries, so we could listen to both sides of the story and make up our own minds.
Grated Coconut
The Greatest Stampede Horse ever.
Calgary Stampede's support of
Youth and Agriculture through
I hope the winner of the showcase, chooses to attend the Calgary Stampede this summer.  I hope that she enjoys our Canadian hospitality and the events that are unique to our province.  I hope that she also appreciates that the Stampede always has the best interest of everyone that is part of this great event, whether they are humans or animals.

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