Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Same...Only Different

October 20, 1984, Rob and I said our "I Do's"  Today the weather is over cast and a few showers are expected, 27 years ago we were recovering from the first major snow storm of the year and trying to figure out where we would take our wedding pictures, since we didn't book a studio.

A few things have changed throughout the last 27 years.  When we were starting out on our farm - High Country Cattle Services it was located at Bentley, Alberta.  Our herd consisted of 90% Horned Hereford cattle and 10% Simmentals - the traditional spotted and yellow variety.  Rob worked sales, clipping and fitting (we fitted all the sale cattle in those days) and showed for Goose Lake Cattle Company at Calgary and Kilmorlie Herefords at Bowden.  We received $.75/lb for our calves that fall and the steers averaged around 670 lbs in November .  The interest rate on our farm was 23.8%.  This was a deal for young farmers.

Today High Country Cattle Services is located further north at Breton, Alberta.  Our herd is 99% Simmental - the red and black variety and 1% Angus - recipient cows.  Rob still works shows and sales but now it is for ourselves. 
We concentrate more on growing and working hair on our cattle with minimal fitting.  The property that Goose Lake Cattle Company was on is now a gravel pit, Kilmorie Farms is now home to Simmental breeders Saugeen Farms.  Our calves this fall brought $1.40/lb and the steers and heifers together averaged 705lbs the middle of September.  Today you can get an interest rate for 3.8%

In 1984 gas was $.93 compared to $1.11 today, a new 1/2 ton truck was $9,000 where today you will spend double that.  Labatte's brewery came out with the twist off cap.  We took hundreds of pictures for sale ads that had to be developed before you knew if you got the right picture.  You anxiously awaited for the Hereford Digest and the Simmental Country to arrive to see what was the latest news in the purebred industry.  Today you almost know minute to minute by following Facebook, Blogs and websites. (We haven't started to tweet yet!)  Sales can be followed online and purchases made.

We are planning another wedding - no not ours, but our daughter Crystal's and Jon's.

 And their herd will consist (in the beginning) of 99% Hereford cattle and 1% Simmental.  Stacy and Crystal are the 4th generation in both of our families to raise purebred cattle.

So much has changed over the last 27 years, technology and running our farm more as a business with family values.  But somethings have stayed the same too......our love for each other
and being a part of the Agriculture Industry!

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