Monday, October 24, 2011

The Boys of Fall

The Boys of Fall can mean a lot of different things.  It can be the great song by Kenny Chesney, your own local hero's such as the Breton Cougars, or in our case the boys that we just brought home from pasture.

This past Friday night, I went out to watch the local high school football team. 

Breton was one of the first small high schools in Alberta to form a six man football team.  In the last few years the league has grown across the province.  Friday night Breton played the Sedgewick Rams. 

It wasn't a close game but it was fun to see the son of our good friends Darryl and Debbie Snider out on the field.  Cooper is much younger than the other players.  he's only in Junior high but has the size and ability to be playing with the big boys. 

Also want to give a shout out to Darryl.  He is the fieldman for the Simmental Country.  He travels thousands of miles a year across North America attending sales and shows.  He is the staff person representing us breeders that you see the most.  He does a great job for us and it is often during these times that his boys are playing sports or participating in school activities and he is spending time on the road with us instead of seeing them.  Thanks Darryl, we do appreciate all of the time in the spring and fall that you spend with us instead of your family.

Our boys of the fall came home from the pasture on Saturday.  They have been weaned since September but were able to stay with their mommas since we use weaning guards, it allows them to stay on the grass for a while longer.

There are a couple of really special boys that we will be taking to Farmfair and Agribition.  If you are at the shows stop by the stall and have a look at them.

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