Thursday, October 27, 2011

We're Having a Girl......

In the spring of 2010 we looked at using some new technology, Sexed Semen.  The thought was to use the semen on a few of our heifers that were out of genetic lines that produce superior females, in order to increase the number of females born. 
This would enable us to market some females out of our top cows while at the same time keeping some as replacements. We researched the Simmental bulls that had "heifer" sexed semen available in Canada. 

We found out that there were very few to choose from.  Although we were excited to hear that HTP In Dew Time was available. 
HTP In Dew Time 
Here is how the semen companies describe In Dew Time,
"In Dew Times cow family is strong and proven for many generations. His dam HTP SVF Honey Dew was a many time champion being named Reserve Grand at the 2003 National Western. In Dew Time’s full sister and litter mate HTP SVF Dew Drop claimed calf champion honors at the National show at the American Royal and the North American. Also, a full sister to Honey Dew, Makin Honey claimed champion honors at the 2004 North American Junior and open shows. In Dew Time has breed leading EPDs 8 CE being in the top 20% on calving ease, 1.2 BW in the top 35%, 47.8 weaning in the top 4%, 84 yearling in the top 2%, a positive 2,1 on maternal milk, 16 on CW in the top 1% and ribeye 0.35 in the top 3.5%. R94 is homozygous polled and Genmark tested homozygous black. a young herdsire that combines many of the positive aspects of the Simmental industry. (American Simmental Association EPD's)"

So we ordered the semen, breed 4 heifers and 3 conceived to the A.I breeding.  One of those was RJY First Date 1W. (Black Joker x SS Ebony's Dreamdate S27).
Fast forward to January 29, 2011.  First Date was in the calving barn.  We were very excited to see the Homozygous Black heifer calf that would be arriving soon.  We were checking on her regularly and walked into the barn as she gave the final push.  It is natural to walk over and lift the hind leg to see the sex of the calf is.  Rob was teasing me, as she was having a heifer.....or not.  She had just given birth to a 80 lb BULL calf!  I guess the semen companies are right when they say the semen is 90% female / 10% male. 

RJY First Date 1W
RJY First Time 18Y
Although initially we were a bit disappointed with not getting a heifer out of her, (the other 3 had heifers) we certainly are not disappointed now.  Here is her bull calf - RJY First Time 18Y  that will be at her side when we show them at the National Show at Farmfair and also at Canadian Western Agribition. I think she was meant to have a bull in 2011.  Stop by the stall at the shows and check him out.

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