Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Bye Summer

On this first official day of fall I thought I would look back to what we did during the summer.  2011 was the summer were we didn't plan anything.  Some how though it all went by very quickly. 

June started off with taking a quick trip to Iowa to visit Crystal and to meet Jon's family.
Randy & Rob fishing on Sunday morning.

We also took a few animals to the Drayton Valley Livestock Show.  It's a good thing this show happens early on as this is the only way that we get those first few calves halter broke.

July the weather did not cooperate and our swath grazing was very delayed being planted and then got washed away with 4 inches of rain, two days after planting.  Sure not the success if was last year, so the cows have already been turned into it.

  We did fit in a couple of days to the Ponoka Stampede and the Calgary Stampede for the rodeos, chuckwagon races and the CS Steer Show.

In August we were honored to attend the wedding of Stefon and Becca Beechinor.  The wedding was held in their hip roof barn that is on their farm and over 100 years old. 
Becca & Stefon

                      Then we headed to BC to judge the Vanderhoof 4H Show and the Open show that hosted the Angus Gold Show.  Some really good cattle and met some great people. (even some from Kansas!)

Tom and his Kansas helpers brought out
a great string. 
Supreme Champion Female
The trip continued with us doing some golfing in Williams Lake prior to judging the Williams Lake 4H Show.  Again an awesome group of kids and cattle to work with over the two days.  We were able to meet the leaders of the only First Nations 4H Club in Canada.  These ladies are doing a wonderful job with these kids.  We also visited the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame.  It was interesting to see all of the old brands in the area. 
Then at the show that night some of the cattle were carrying those brands.  Lots of Agriculture history and good cattlemen in that part of the county. 
The Before picture
We also fit in a few of those jobs on the to do list.  Painting all of our steel fences was on my list.  The weather cooperated in August and September so I was able to get most of them done.  Rob has started to work on the show and sale cattle.  It was a good summer to get caught up on a few things and to enjoy being at home.  Visitors are welcome at High County any time of the year.

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