Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Show Time

Each fall the excitement grows as we prepare to attend and participate in livestock shows across Canada.  This is something that Rob and I have done for over 30 years.  People often say to us "Your still showing cattle?" 

There are several reasons that we do this:
Rob showing at
Brandon Livestock Expo 2010
  • To promote our farm and breeding program
  • To gage the progress that our herd is making against other breeders
  • To network with customers and potential customers
  • To keep a connection between urban consumers and agriculture.
There are breeders out there that look down on the shows and the cattle that excel in them, but we would like to suggest that you celebrate the breeders that are taking the time, making the effort and incurring the costs to go to the shows.  By them making this effort they are promoting our great breed - Simmental.  We don't ask that you like or even agree with the judges choices at each of the individual shows, we just ask that you respect the efforts of these exhibitors and come and evaluate the cattle for yourself and your program.

Simmental Representatives
2010 Farmfair Supreme
IPU Revolution in the 2010
Farmfair Supreme Show
Each year we bring out a handful of animals that represent our herd and our breeding program.  We try as hard as anyone to take home the ribbons and championship banners, but we also know that at the end of the day, most importantly we are proud of the cattle that we are exhibiting and our breed.  We are excited to be showing at Farmfair International on November 10  (this will also be the 2011 National Simmental show) and Canadian Western Agribition on November 24.  Stop by the stall if you are visiting one of the shows, we would love to show your our string and have a visit.

Good luck to all the exhibitors this fall who have taken the time to get animals ready to show at
Good friend Chan Phillips at the stall last year.
Chan will  be judging the Toronto Royal this year.


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