Friday, September 2, 2011

The Value of Junior Beef Programs

There is always the discussion with Senior agriculture boards on the value of a junior beef program.  How do you measure the value that you are getting for the dollars invested?  We're  not sure that we have the answer to this but we do know the value that it has played in our family.

Rob started his junior beef experiences with the Junior Hereford Association.  He often will recall his trips to the National Hereford Bonanza.  In the 70's and 80's the CJHA was one of the most envied associations.  They lead the pack for the others.

In 1980 the Canadian Simmental Association formed the YCS - Young Canadian Simmental Association.  I had the opportunity to be on the founding board. 

When our daughters became old enough (ages 5 & 7) they couldn't wait to join the AYCS.  Throughout the years this organization gave them the opportunity to fall in love with Simmental cattle and travel across Canada to the National shows.  They also had the opportunity to attend 2 National shows in the US.

Again what value does this bring to the beef industry?  In our opinion it develops the leaders of tomorrow.  For the past few years all of the directors of the Alberta Simmental Association have been past active members of the junior association. 

One year we roughly kept track of the amount of money that juniors bid or spent on cattle at the fall sales that we attended.  Although we weren't  at all the sales, we figured that over $100,000 was generated by junior members interested in Simmental cattle.  Many of them  have gone on to become successful purebred breeders and users of Simmental genetics in there commercial herds.

This past summer our daughter Crystal had the opportunity to speak at the first American Junior Simmental Association Summit. The Summit was held not only for a leadership building opportunity but also as a networking opportunity. 

So whether we are building leaders in our industry, generating revenue for our genetics or just giving youth some great lifetime experiences and memories, we believe that the return is unlimited for the investment made.  We hope that you will take the opportunity to support these associations in the near future.

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