Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Do.....

Today is my mom and dad's 49th wedding anniversary and the 43rd wedding anniversary for my Aunt Gaylene and Uncle Jack.  My dad and uncle farmed together for many years, with the support of their wife's.  Now I know that marriage takes work for all couples and that their are lots of compromises along the way, but I don't know if it is the same for other wife's as it is for a wife of a farmer or rancher.

Chuck & Lorraine
When you marry someone that works a regular 40 hour work week, whether it be shift work or a regular 9 - 5 there are things that you can pretty well count on. 
  • There will be a regular income
  • You will usually have evenings and weekends to spend together and socialize with your friends and family
  • You will have at least two weeks each year where you can get away from things, maybe go on vacation.
  • Your success will be determined by your efforts and hard work.
The difference for a farm wife when she says I Do is that she is agreeing to support her husband in many unknowns.  I am sure that if you didn't grow up on a farm that the task is even that much more difficult.
  • There will be an income it just may be inconsistent at times
  • Your socializing will be scheduled around calving, seeding, breeding, haying, harvest and weaning.
  • You will get away from the farm but in all likeliness it will involve a farm show or livestock sale
  • You will work hard and your successes will often be in knowing that, because there will be many things out of your control, like the weather and the markets.
Jack & Gaylene
I know most farm wife's have put the holiday or home renovations on hold because the motor just went out of the tractor or that new herd bull was just a bit over budget.

So today we say Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad ( Lorraine & Chuck) and Aunt Gaylene and Uncle Jack.  We know that you have made sacrifices over the years, but we admire you for all the fun that you have had along the way.  For raising great families and for enjoying being a part of the Agriculture world.  You have been great role models for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Kim M

Fiona said...

Wish Gaylene and Jack all the best for me...and did she ever burn the photo on the "Have you seen this woman?" poster at Stampede one year...The Cattle Industry was blessed with the Groeneveld Family!

Fiona Lagarde
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