Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Going Once , Twice, SOLD

The fall is an exciting time for the shows, but the really interesting part is all of the sale.  Starting in September the coffee table is full of sale catalogs.  Usually our conversations revolve around what we are offering for sale, what other breeders have available and the prices and buyers from the latest sale.

With modern day technology you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home in order to add top end genetics to your herd.  Just a click of the mouse and she could become apart of your herd. There are several good sites, including LiveAuctions.TV, Edjecast.com and DMLSL.com  Although there is nothing nicer than to hear the chant of the Coronal and to feel the excitement in the air.

RJY Signature Move 4X
Our next sale will be Thursday November 25, 2010 at Canadian Western Agribition.  RJY Signature Move 4X is a compilation of the Signature cow family that we have been building over the years.  her maternal sister was the high selling lot at the 2006 CWA Simmental Sale.  Add in the exciting sire of Wheatland 680S and you have a very exciting prospect.

JDN Prairie Signature 19L

CDY Signature Black 2N
CDY Black Signature 9S - Dam of Signature Move 4X


High Selling Lot CWA Sale 2006 - $15,000

You can check out the entire sale offering at http://www.bouchardlivestock.com/upcomingsales-cwa.html. Signature Move is Lot 469.  The sale is also being broadcasted by Live Auctions
Hope to see you at sale time.  If anything catches your eye and you can't attend, give us a call at 780-514-0758.

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