Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Comes Early to High Country

A few weeks ago, Rob came into the house and announced that he knew what he wanted for Christmas.  Now this may not sound unusual, but Rob never asks for Christmas or birthday gifts, so I was quite intrigued to hear what had caught his attention.  It was in a catalog ........ not the Sears catalog, or any of the others that arrive in the mail during November, but the North American Select Simmental Sale catalog. 

It was Lot 3 that had his attention.  He almost said like a little boy "I won't ask for anything else for Christmas, if I can just have her."

Well sale day rolled around and the family discussion began, do we try to own her or not.  I thought she would be way out of our budget, but said to give it a whirl.  So we called up Crystal, who was in Louisville with her job at the American Angus Association and asked her to go have a look.  Along with a phone call to Darryl Snider from Simmental Country.  We logged on to edjecast to watch the sale and hoped for the best.

Christmas has come early as we are now the proud owners of CAJS Elegant Force.  She was consigned by the Happy 6 Simmentals, the Schneider family of Georgetown, Kentucky.  This is what they had to say about their sale consignment.
This is one we hate to part with. She is a beautiful package. You can’t make one much smoother than this. She is big-butted, strong topped, jet-fronted, and stout. You have to admire her fore rib and smooth shoulder. “Elle” comes from a legendary cow family, being a maternal sister to last year’s $33,000 high seller KenCo Miley Cottontail, she is a granddaughter of the great H25(dam of JM Steel My Heart and many others). Throw Steel Force in the mix and you can’t go wrong! Elle has gathered many ribbons and banners in her extensive show career, turning heads all across the country. Homo black with a perfect blaze and a baby doll disposition. To top it all off, she’s expecting a heifer calf by Explorer in January. We are reserving a flush within the next 2 years, with a minimum of 6 embryos, to be done at the buyers convenience and at our expense.
Crystal had the opportunity to visit with Joe, Paige, Cramer and Ally Jo.   They are a very nice family and were very excited to have their heifer come to Canada.  They are already planning a trip north to visit her. Cramer and Ally Jo love to show cattle.  To read more about them go to

So I have one Christmas gift bought.  Now to figure out what to get the rest of the family.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog while looking through your website, and I have to say this blog entry brought me to tears. Happy tears. I know this may seem silly to some, but we really get attached to our favorite show heifers, and "Elle" has definitely been a favorite here at Happy 6. From the day she was born we felt she was something special. She was Ally Jo's showmanship heifer for 2 years, and has always had the BEST disposition. When we decided to sell her, we hoped she would go to a good home (hopefully close so we could keep up with how she was doing and maybe even pay her a visit every now and then). Soooo, when Ally Jo heard she was going so far away, she was very sad. I know when I show her this blog, she will feel so much better about where Elle is going. I'm so happy Rob got the Christmas present he wanted, and I hope she will bring you as much joy as she has brought us!
She left Louisville with a sore foot, we think she may have stepped on a rock. We would have liked to bring her home until it was better. I hope she is better when she arrives, and we look forward to hearing about her heifer calf! Can't wait to get some of our own calves out of her!
By the way, it was great to meet Crystal. She is a very nice, beautiful young lady, and we enjoyed talking to her.
Maybe someday we can make our way up to Canada to meet you all! Thanks so much!
Paige Schneider

Anonymous said...

Hi Young family,
As i read my moms comment i noticed she left one thing out. Which is that Elle loves "cow cookies" aka horse treats. They were oatmeal, honey & raisin treats from TSC. So if it wouldn't be to far out of your way to give her a few every once in a while, she'd just love that! She's EXTREMELY spoiled! Thanks for buying her, & take good care of her & her soon to be heifer calf :)

Ally Jo Schneider