Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's in a Name

JDN Signature Black 19L - the original Signature
It seems like an on going discussion at our house on what to name cattle.  I often joke and tell the girls that I think we have put more time and effort into naming cows than we did choosing their names when they were born. 
 Stacy and Crystal
I can remember driving back from Calgary on Christmas Eve 2007.  It was a beautiful night, full moon, snow filled fields, no traffic and we started to have a discussion on what we would be naming the new calves for 2008.  The tattoo letter was "U".  Many names where thrown around and then both Rob and Stacy said at the same time.......Too Hot 4U.  Stacy won with one of her cows calving in the rotation and being the 4th calf and a heifer.  Rob makes naming calves easy, he beleives in following cow families,

RJY Natalie 9W - from the MDR Natalie Cow family
but the girls think you can only have so many cows named Signature.  So we are off to our first show this weekend and the 4 calves that we are taking need names and a few others that don't get to go this time.  Here's what we came up with, CDY Signature Move 7X, CDY Frontrunner 14X, RJY Signature's Doll 3X, SLY  Overdrive, RJY Sierra's Dream, RJY Simply the Best, Dream Ticket and one yet to be named.  What are some of the best cow names you have ever heard?

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