Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do You Beleive in Magic?

Athletes are known for being superstitious, but I think that people that show cattle or horses or compete on any level also are superstitious or at least have their lucky charms with them.  Cowboys won't put their hats on their bed, some people have to wear a certain pair of boots or socks.  I remember Crystal cdycattle.blogspot.com thinking she had an advantage if her show number had a 7 or 2 in it and if she was really lucky both of those numbers seemed to give her an advantage on show day.  This past weekend we attended our local fair.  We have always done reasonably well there but the 2010 is our best showing to date. 7 head brought home 3 division champions, 2 reserve division champions, Grand Champion Bull and Grand Champion Steer.  Now you are all probably wondering what that has to do with Magic.  Well this past February a very good friend of ours passed away.  Bryce "Auger" Poland

showed more champions across North America than anyone else I know in the past 50 years.  There was always one thing that he did the same at each show.  He showed with a wooden cane (show stick). 
Following his service his family Isabelle, Mike and Amy gave 2 of his show sticks to our family. The third went to another close cattle friend.  Last weekend was the first time we used Auger's show stick.  We came home with 2 champions.  A coincidence......maybe but I think I'm going to believe that there's still a little bit of his magic left in that stick and he helped us get to the winners circle with it.  Thanks Auger. Do You Believe in Magic?

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RobynBeazley said...

I absolutely believe in magic!! I trust that Auger was with you in spirit - I look forward to getting a glimpse of the lucky show stick this fall. Congrats on your success!