Friday, June 25, 2010

Cattle Tours

Summer is the perfect time to go on a cattle tour.  To connect with your bull buyers from the spring, or to scout out the next herd sire for you operation.  It always is interesting to us how many breeders both commercial and purebred who don't ever ask to see the Dam of the herd bull they are buying.  Or some of the replacement heifers that would be sisters to your bull.   As most of you know, we buy herd bulls and our donor females based on cow families.  So a tour is the ideal time to see the feature cows of each of these breeders.
This weekend is the Alberta Simmental Association Annual Meeting and Tour. 

For more information on the tour go to the

We are looking forward to spending time in central Alberta looking at good cattle and visiting 3 Simmental breeders farms.  There will be additional breeders with cattle on display.  Several of these breeders we have purchased females from

  Yellow Rose Cattle Company, and Westway Farms. 
One of the other breeders who will have cattle on display is 
who purchased one of our red donors "Nile" from us at the National Trust Sale in '09.  
Is should be a great weekend of cattle, friends, golf and a few refreshments along the way.  Thanks to these breeders for taking the time to organize the tour and welcome us to their farms. 

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Look forward to seeing you Deanne!