Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great Bulls

 Just got home from the Canadian Bull Congress.For those who do not know, the congress is set up like a trade show for cattle.There are pens of 3 bulls,single bull classes and pens of heifers.This year there was a great set of bulls of all breeds.Each and every exhibitor can be proud of the quality that was there.The Simmental bulls were outstanding and the Angus,Red and Black, did not make it easy.
 The interesting theme that kept coming out of conversations with exhibitors and spectators was the interest from prospective buyers and the number of people that attended compared to the fall shows.Here are a few  observations.

 1. Camrose does a great job of hosting the Congress
 2.In the Simmental breed there were several exhibitors that had great sets of bulls that do not chose to exhibit bulls in the fall for one reason or the other.
 3.Several breeders brought out differant bulls than they showed last fall.

 It almost seemed like the type of cattle at the Congress were the type that fit the demand of commercial cattlemen and they were there to make decissions on their bull buying this spring.Maybe there is somthing to be taken from this that can help our fall shows attendance !

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