Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Day Mate

Today Rob and I booked our tickets for a trip that we have been talking about for a long time.  We are attending the World Simmental Congress in Melbourne, Australia, September 18 - 23.  I was very fortunate to live in Australia for 6 months many years ago.  I always said that I would return in a few years,.....well a few years has turned into 27!  We have kept in touch will many of the people that I stayed with and met on my first visit.  As well over the years we have had many Australians visit us.  Following the World Simmental Congress in Calgary in 2006, with the assistance of our good mate John Brogan, we sold 40 embryos to two Australian Simmental Breeders.  Some of those embryos have been born on the cattle station that I worked on.  We are counting the days until our trip.  If you are interested in attending the World Congress checkout the schedule at

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