Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We could of had a Superbowl Commercial

Ok so the superbowl was a couple of days ago.  A marketing opportunity that companies strive to have success at.  It is the one time that you are almost 100% guarenteed that the viewer is going to actually watch your message.  I had two favorties - Dodge's - God Created A Farmer and Budweisers - Brotherhood.  I commented on God Created a Farmer, but  would like to share a story about Brotherhood, or should I say Sisterhood.

Back in the spring of 1994 we were managing McDougal Cattle Station, at Breton.  When we first went there they only had a Red Angus herd but wanted to develop another breed.  We assisted them with the development of a Simmental herd.  The girls were young Crystal 9 and Stacy 7.  That spring they spent a lot of time with us doing chores and working cattle.  Stacy formed a unique bond with a red baldy heifer, right from the time she was born.  She helped name her MCC Red Dream 12D.  Dream could be out in the middle of a big pasture and if Stacy called out to her she would come over.  Without being halter broke, she would let Stacy scratch her.  Only Stacy.  That fall we entered into a production sale with Garth & Judy Sweet of 4S Simmentals.  Dream was selected for the sale.

On the morning of the sale, the girls and I were just about to drive out of the yard, when Stacy asked me to stop the car.  She quickly hopped out and went into the house.  She came back carrying a big object.  When she was back in the car I asked what she had forgotten, she showed me her piggy bank.  I told her that she really didn't need to take that to the sale and she informed me that she did.  She was going to buy Dream.  I knew this wasn't going to end well.

Stacy stayed by Dreams side all day.  She combed her and talked to her.  She hardly moved from her when she had to go to the sale ring.  We didn't buy Dream, she went to live at Lazy S Simmentals at Mayerthorpe about an hour away.  Stacy cried herself to sleep that night.

2 years later, Rob decided to go to the Lazy S Simmentals bull sale that they hold on their farm.  The girls went with him.  They arrived a bit early and spoke with Doreen.  They inquired how Dream was doing.  Doreen mentioned that she had just calved a couple of days prior and was in a pen near by if they wanted to see her.  Stacy was headed out the door.  She ran over to the pen (with about 50 cow calf pairs in it), climbed up on the fence and called out to Dream.  On the far side of the pen a cows head lifted from the feeder, turned towards the girl calling her name and came running over to the fence.  She stood there letting Stacy scratch her.  Dream still remembered her.

I wish we had this on video.  The bonds that we form with our livestock are very special.  I don't know a farmer or rancher that would ever do harm to them.  They usually go above and beyond for their care and comfort.  Budweiser made a wonderful commercial.  One that we can relate to in more ways than one.  I sure hope this colt gets to be on the Budweiser hitch that visits the Calgary Stampede.  Would love to meet him.

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