Saturday, February 2, 2013

Checkers Sale Day - one we won't forget.

Checkers 2012
This blog is a bit over due but for over the past 20 years we have been a part of the Simmental sale - Checkers.  It started out with a unique feel to it.  In the way that the cattle were displayed, the genetics that were being offered and it was usually the last sale of the year, so it was a great way for us to celebrate the Christmas season with our cattle friends (family).

When you look back over the history of Checkers, you find that many of the animals that have sold through that ring have gone on to be top producers for the breed.  As well each year it is noted that many of the animals in that years offering are offspring of animals that were purchased at a previous Checkers sale.

For the 2012 sale we had a bred cow that fit that bill.  Here grandmother JDN 19L was purchased by Crystal at Checkers in 2001 as a heifer calf.  Crystal fell in love with her and through some assistance by us she took her home that day.  "Signature 19L" became a foundation cow in our herd.  She joined the ET program and was one of those production cows that you dream of.  The offspring that she produced those that Crystal marketed, paid for Crystal to buy her first car, go to University, and travel to Australia.

In the spring of 2012 CDY 20W a daughter of 19L's had a beautiful heifer calf by our herd sire Revolution.  The pair was admired by all that visited over the summer. Crystal and Jon had begun to talk about buying their first farm.  It was decided that with Crystal being in Iowa that this may be the time to cut down on her Simmental herd and focus on their Herefords and potential farm.

Crystal & Jon had to have wedding pictures
taken in their barn.
 20W and her calf were selected for Checkers 2012. 

December 15 brought mixed emotions.  We were excited to consign this pair to a great sale, but we knew the value of those genetics and what we were loosing from our herd.  At the end of the day though, it was gratifying to know that many breeders appreciated the breeding potential of this young cow and her heifer calf.

It was amazing to see them sell. CDY 20W now has a new home at Starwest Farms, Chilliwack, BC. We know that she has a great place to live and we hope to go visit soon.
Thank you Ken, Carol, Randy & Michele
Starwest Farms
 Signature brought $20,000 in the same ring that her momma was purchased in.
Her daughter CDY Red Signature 25Z stayed a little closer to home and was purchased by Bar L7 Simmentals,  - Lyle Peterson from Calgary for $25,000. 

Thank you to Lyle Peterson
Bar L7 Simmentals
Again Signature is making a great contribution to Crystals longevity in Agriculture.  This sale will go a long ways towards them purchasing their farm.  Some day I hope there is a descendant of 19L's at JJB Cattle Co, in Independence, Iowa. 

Thank you to Randy, Michelle, Ken and Carol from Starwest, Lyle from Bar L7 Simmentals, the LFE crew from Lewis Farms and Jodi Hampton for supporting our program at Checkers.  It is a day we won't ever forget and was an incredible weekend for the Simmental breed.

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