Monday, January 28, 2013

Roll of the Dice

Rob and I would not consider ourselves gamblers. We've been to Las Vegas once for our 25 Anniversary, I play the Lotto some and I think we have been to a casino only a couple of other times. I guess you can say that we work hard for our money and don't like to take a lot of chances.

The Spring of 2012 was one time that we decided to step out of the box. We had been talking for a really long time of how to incorporate some new blood lines into our Red Simmental Genetics. We have been breeding these cattle for 30 years and the genetic pool in the Simmental cattle that are solid red or red factor seemed to be getting fairly small. So we began to start looking at the Fullblood Simmental cattle that were still solid red or with very little white. That is when we found this guy:

JHSN The Fleck 59Y

The Fleck is a total out cross to the red side of Simmental Genetics.  We bred about a dozen heifers and cows to him.  The calves are now arriving and we couldn't be happier.  They have come solid colored and more importantly they are easy calving and look good at this point.  We did have a bit of anxiety waiting to see what he would produce.  I guess sometime you have to step outside of the box and take that chance. 

Watch for these calves in the upcoming months and the opportunity to have these out cross genetics.
P.S. Did we mention that he is homozygous polled as well.

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