Friday, October 5, 2012


First thank you for reading this blog.  I have been very unfocused at writing on the blog this summer and fall.  I think that it had something to do with all of the wonderful weather that we had.  It was a great summer full of sunshine and heat and rainstorms at night.  Then we were blessed with a wonderful September.  The leaves stayed until last week and were full of color.

With this weekend being Thanksgiving here is Canada, I wanted  to take a moment to think about all of the things that we are Thankful for.  Of course FAMILY are on the list, but not everyone gets to say that they have a wonderful family.   Many are not close in distance or relationships with their family members. 
We get to enjoy the company of both sides of our family.  Stacy and Dan are close by and we get to see them often.  Not so much with Crystal and Jon.
 As I make my pumpkin pies and rolls this weekend I will be thinking of them.

Next on my list would be FARMING.......sometimes I wonder why we do what we do, but most days it is comforting to be able to live in this great province, look out our window at the stock that we have invested nearly 30 years of sweat, blood and tears into to make a better genetic BEEF product for the world to enjoy.  This past two weeks has been challenging to listen to every news report and the ecoli mess that has been created.  We want people to choose our product, we do everything that is asked of us to make sure when it leaves our property that it is safe, nutritious and been humanly raised.  Then it is out of our hands.  Unfortunately the people that situations like this cost the most to are the producers and we have no control....except to go out and tell our story more.  To be even better advocates as to how we do business.  Let's not let the media and others be heard the most.

I would also have to add FREEDOM, and HEALTH to the list.  Being able to live in a county where we have choices.  Where we can become most anything we want to, and do what makes us happy.  As for health, I know that our health care system is not perfect, but when we see those that we care about receiving good care and that their is HOPE when they do experience illness, then I am thankful for that.
 What ever your plans are for this holiday weekend.  Take the time for just a moment to reflect on all of the good in your life and the things that you are truly thankful for.  If your list is short, then hopefully you will choose to make changes and next year be full of Thankfulness.

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