Monday, October 15, 2012

Blonde's and Cows

Now I'm sure that you are thinking there are no way that these two things go together, but in our house they really do.  For those of you that don't know our daughters they have been toe heads from the day that they were born.  The delivery nurse we had with Crystal, took her into the nursery and announced to all the "little boy baby's" to have a good look at her "because this was the first and last true blonde they would ever see".
Crystal - age 2 months
Over the years Rob loved spending time with his girls working on cattle in the barn.  They had their 4H projects and then their junior Simmental projects.  Our weekends and summers were consumed with packing in as many shows as possible.  It was great quality time spent together as a family.

Stacy on a weekend visit.
Now that our girls are out on their own, his time is limited to the weekends and shows that Stacy can fit into her schedule, visits to see Crystal, or when she can come home to the farm.  We are so fortunate that Stacy gets out to the farm a couple of weekends each month and takes some of her vacation time to join us at the shows. 

Rob flew down to the Iowa State Fair this past summer to help Crystal and Jon with their Herefords.

For the past few years Rob has been watching another "blonde" that loves her cows.  She is such a hard worker and very good at what she does.  She is also very humble and quite, but don't be fooled she is also a fierce competitor.  Rob and Katherine can often be found at a show looking at cattle......mostly in the prospect steer barn.  They have tried a few times to be partners but it has never worked out. 

Katherine family owns and operated JT Livestock.  They hold a steer and heifer sale each fall.  We live about 2 1/2 hours from them.  I visited with the Dollivers this summer when Rob was in Iowa.  I thought their was a few steers their that he might like.  On Sunday we went through the steers and Rob mentioned to Katherine that if she needed a partner he would be interested.  When the sale was done that night, they had become partners on these two little guys.

Whiskey Son
Monopoly Son

I know that over the next 9 months we will be visiting with Katheryn lots and once again spending weekends at the junior shows.  Rob will once again get to hangout in the show barn with one of his new favorite blonde's.

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