Sunday, May 29, 2011

A New Day

I always say that you never know what the day will bring you.  This past weekend was a perfect example.  Saturday morning Rob and I were enjoying our coffee and discussing our plans for the day.  He had some field work to do and I thought I should probably go to the greenhouse to get my flowers before everything was sold out.  Seems like I am a bit behind with yard work this spring.  We were going over to a neighbors after lunch to help some 4H members with the finishing touches on their steers before their achievement day.  Stacy was also scheduled to come out for the weekend.

A few minutes later the phone rang 8:10 am.  I could tell when Rob answered it that it was our daughter Crystal.  He told me to pick up the other phone.  Seconds later our family as we had known it changed........Crystal and Jon had just gotten engaged!

 Everyone seemed to be talking at once, but we finally did learn about the proposal and were able to welcome Jon to the family.  We were sworn not to tell anyone until they had made more phone calls to immediate family and close friends.

We had planned a trip back in January to go and visit Crystal and Jon and on Friday we will get to see Jon's farm and meet his family.  It will be a great time to celebrate with them.

Crystal is marrying into a wonderful family. 

Hereford cattle are a big part of their life. 

So we have kinda come full circle as Hereford cattle are a part of Rob's heritage.  I was the one that converted him to a Simmental breeder.  Some how I think Crystal might have a bit more of a difficult time convincing the Blin family to raise Simmentals.  Maybe they will let her keep a few in the back 40.

All in all is has been a wonderful weekend.  Thank you to everyone that has sent their congratulations.  We are very much looking forward to this next chapter for our family.  Crystal and Jon we wish you all the best!


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