Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bovine Divots

It seems like no matter how well made your fences and corrals are, if you have livestock they will escape.  For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to visit High Country Cattle, our corrals are very close to our house and lawn.

This can be a good thing.  In the winter during calving it is a shorter walk to the barn to check cows.  A very good thing when the temperature is -30C.  The water supply for washing show and sale cattle is handy.  Just connect a garden hose to the house and your ready to go.

Where things get a bit interesting is when a gate gets left open or the cows find a way to escape.  Their point of entry is our front lawn.  A 1500lb cow can leave some big divots on the lawn.  This happened late last fall. The ground was soft and it didn't take long for the damage to be done.  So last night was repair time.

It kinda looks like we have had a family of moles move in.  Once we finished filling the holes with compost from the corrals and added a little grass seed, Rob thought that he should harrow it in.  The only problem was that the tractor and harrows would leave more ruts then we started with.  So redneck farmer Rob made his own.

Yes that would be a corral panel attached to the lawn mower. Oh well it worked and now the next divots we can deal with can be ones on the golf course.

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Rosie said...

We've had the same problem with cows on the lawn! They got out all over our yard last week, Mom's biggest concern was of course her lawn. Gotta love em!

Also, I'm now following your blog :)