Sunday, April 10, 2011

Road Trip - Learning Day.

Sorry for the long time between blog but things have been really busy around here for the last few weeks.  Since the last posting we have:
  • Finished calving
  • Sold all the bulls
  • Bought a bull ( which can be a long process)
  • Bought a new tractor (old one died)
  • Replaced our furnace ( A very cold Friday night until the service man arrived)
  • Have almost 1/2 the herd bred on the first cycle
  • Set up 4 cows for transplant (April 14)
  • And delivered all but one bull.
These were just the things that we squeezed into our days along with our full time jobs and all of the wonderful winter weather we have had this year.

Yesterday was delivery day for 3 of the bulls in central Alberta.  Since I wasn't able to attend our bull sale day in Red Deer I decided to  leave all of my laundry and house cleaning for a day and tag along with Rob.  Our frist stop was at Moose Farms.  We were greeted by Jerry and his daughter Emily (8).  While the guys got to discussing calving and markets, Emily gave me a tour of the farm. 

First stop the chicken house where we found her brothers hens and the one she caught in the local Chicken Scramble, next we were of to see Granny her first cow who had calved that morning.  Then there was the pen of cows that had either lost a calf or dad just doesn't like anymore.  You certainly can learn a lot about a farm by talking with the kids.  Emily had to go to school the day of the sale, but seemed to approve of Grandpa's choice, SLY Overdrive 5X

Similar truck to the one at the Hogg Farm
Next we headed south east to the Hogg Farm.  They have been in the Agriculture business for 107 years.  At the gate we were meet with a 1936 truck with Hogg Bros. painted on the side.

Here we met Presley (7).  Presley was playing outside with her stuffed sheep
and was having a hard time keeping him clean.  By the time we had a good visit in the sunshine on the front porch Presley had used a roll or two of toilet paper to clean him up.  When we went to unload RJY Austin 9X, she came along as she is the gate keeper and responsible for watching it when the big guys need to go into the pasture.

Further south we travelled again to the Hannah Farm.  This is another well established farm family.  Dad was ready to cut back and lighten the work load, but son Wade is enthusiastic about the cattle business and has added 100 cows to the operation.  Thus the need for a few new bulls this spring. SLY PowerPlus 2X should be a good addition to their program.

We ended our day with a great Canada AAA steak dinner on the way home.  We seen some new country, had great visits with each of our purchasers and learned a bit about the people that purchased our bulls.  It was a great day building new relationships with both the younger and older  members of each family.  Thank you for supporting our program and having confidence in our cattle.

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