Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada

                                  Canada Day  - July 1st
is the day that we get to celebrate our country's birthday.  In our community of Breton our population triples on that day for all of the activities that are going on.  It's a great way to kick off the summer.  We like to take in the chuckwagon races at the Ponoka Stampede.  When our friend Clare visited from Australia this year, she wanted to eat Canadian food.  This got us thinking what really is Canadian?  The following poem was part of the Winter Olympic Ceremonies in Vancouver.  Maybe it explains a bit more who Canadians are.


I am not a fisherman, lumberjack, or an Inuit
I drive on a highway not a freeway
I live in a province not a state
With a premier not a senator
I am ruled by a Prime Minister not a President

I meet friends at Tim Horton's not Starbucks
Its called HAM not Canadian Bacon
I don’t know your third cousin from Saskatoon
. . . but I’m sure he’s a really nice person
I live and own a house not an igloo
a car is my main means of transport not a dog sled or ski doo

I have a pet cat not a pet beaver
I know about other countries and acknowledge their rights
I would gladly have my flag on my backpack while visiting other countries
Celine Dion isn’t the only musical talent from Canada

A boot is what I wear on my feet in the winter time
I end the alphabet with ZED not ZEE
Toronto is not the centre of Canada

It’s a room not a rum, ROOM!
We believe in peace keeping not breaking it up
I drink pop not soda, Molson Canadian not Budweiser
Neighbour is spelled with a U not just a OR

I experience all four season not just winter
I spend my summer at a cabin not a cottage
My first language is English but I speak some french, NOT American
I understand “Pass the serviette I drop my poutine on the chesterfield”
I was not born feet first wearing skates

Hockey is a religion not a sport
I play and worship Lord Stanley not Vince Lombardie
Our names are Rob, Deanne, Crystal, and Stacy and
We are Canadian!
For our friends to the south I hope that you get a great day for celebrating your country's birthday on the 4th of July. 

 I think that us Canadians are finally catching on that it is good to show our patriotism all year long.  Happy Birthday where ever you are living.

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