Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Cattleman's Lottery

Over the years all of us in our family have shown steers.  Mostly at the local 4H level.  We have had our share of success, a club champion here and there and a few District or Regional Champions. 

We certainly wouldn't profess to be professional steer jocks.  When the fall arrives and the club calf sales start, Rob gets a craving to have a steer to haul to the jackpot shows.  The first year that both of the girls were out of 4H we attended the steer sale of Dustin Lamb & Raymond Gonnett.  Before I knew it we were the owners of a little red steer. Now this normally would not be a problem, but what were we going to do with one steer to feed.  A partnership was formed with Dustin, with him feeding the steer through the winter and us arriving at the jackpot shows to lend him a hand.  What a great arrangement. Lil Red won Reserve Champion at the Canada's Richest Youth Show and was a class winner at the Calgary Stampede in the Simmental Division. 

This year we purchased with Balzac Meats from the Calgary Stampede Board the Champion steer from 4H on Parade. "Chewy" was shown at the Drayton Valley show in June and took home Champion steer. 

We're off to the Calgary Stampede on Thursday for the Steer Classic.  Maybe this will the year to take the big prize home. 

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