Friday, May 7, 2010

Whats on your Reading List?

Magazines seem to be the bulk of the reading material at our house, although I do like to take the time to read a trashy novel once in a while.  The selection of reading material varies with the season.  January - March the stack is high with Bull Sale Catalogs.  First you scan them before the sale to possibly find your next heard sire, then you re-read them following the sale to see who made what selections and what brought the high prices.  April - June the stack changes to Farms Sale flyers and land auctions.  Rob is on the hunt to purchase a few pieces of farm equipment now that we have broken up some pasture and need to become "farmers".  We have had offers to use equipment from friends and family, but our little ole tractor can only pull about 12', so I guess we'll keep on looking.  There doesn't seem to be much time for reading during the summer, but that is when the show entry books arrive and we start making plans for the fall.  September - December are the Female Sale Catalogs.  Again you could be at a sale almost every day, if the work at home would get done by it's self.  Now scattered throughout the year are the magazines that we subscribe to. 

The Angus Journal

The Western Producer

The Cattleman Magazine

and the latest addition to our stack is Lot One
So if you have time for an over night visit this summer, one or more of these magazines will probably be on the night table in the guest room.  If you are not currently subscribing to them you can always check them out online.  I hope that we get some rainy days over the weekend, so I can catch up on my reading.

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