Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buying a BBQ- the priceless part

Last summer I had thought about getting a new BBQ or for our American friends a grill.  The time never seemed to workout so we got by with the one that we had.  This spring when the weather warmed up we were back to BBQ time.  I love my food cooked on a BBQ, as it is usually fast, involves meat and means less dishes to wash.   All positives as far as I am concerned.  I started to look around and then the flyers started coming with all the sales.  There just seemed to be too many choices.  My cousin has one that I really liked (she often invites us for BBQ's.......I mean she calls and says they are wanting to have steak and will I come over to cook and I can eat and bring Rob too.)

So I called to see what brand her's was.  It was instantly crossed off the list as I was not spending $1200 on a BBQ.  Last weekend Stacy and I did some scouting around and I had narrowed it down to 2.  The following day I was back in town to make my purchase.  It cost a lot less than $1200, was on sale and is now on my deck waiting for the rain to stop so I can use it.  Your probably all wondering about the priceless part.  That would be the $25 that I paid to take the assembled model out of their lovely display. 

 $25 is priceless to me and a marrige saver not having to wait or to help my husband try and put it together.  I'll start practicing with it soon and it will be well broke in, just in time for the Annual High Country BBQ following the Drayton Valley Livestock Show on June 12.  All our cattle friends are invited to drop by.  Now I just have to work on a few other outdoor assecories.


RobynBeazley said...

Congrats on your new BBQ!! LOVE your $25 priceless story - I am taking notes on the marriage saver tips, he he...John and Rob seem to have the same amount of patience for assembly!! We picked up 2 chaise lounges at Costco - the quality is awesome and competitively priced. Happy Spring and shopping ;) Look forward to seeing pics your yard.

Crystal Young said...

I bet it's great. I am going to have to fly home for this annual BBQ one year.