Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Beginning

The blog for High Country Cattle was created over the Christmas holidays of 2009. Crystal thought we should start one as with our smaller herd of cattle, we don't update our website weekly and this was a good way to keep in touch with customers, consumers and those intersted in Agriculture life and Simmental Cattle. Great idea.....but what would we blog about. Well one of the very first blogs presented it's self the first week of January, Comfort for the Cattle Boss or the cattle?

The blog was about how we were needing (at least in my mind) a new bathroom.
A very dated vanity
that was falling apart.
Behind that curtin was a tub with
taps operated by vice grips.

I arrived  home to find that the budget had been spent on a new calf shelter rather than the renovation. 
Everything was gutted
Fast forward to June 2012.  Who new that all you needed was a weeks time and a few thousand dollars and you could make the cowboss happy.
Nice and new.

Walk in shower
Inspired from our trip to Australia
It may not be the spa like ones in the previous blog, due to the space we had to work with, but it is new and wonderful.  The only bad part is that now I want to do another room.          Any suggestions?

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Holli said...

Wow! This looks great!