Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Something is Missing

I don't normally talk about politics, as each of us has our own beliefs and thankfully we live in a country where we have the right to do so.  But as the Alberta Provincial election is in it's last few days, I find it very interesting that there is one topic that has not been mentioned by the two front runners...........................AGRICULTURE.

 Now if you take the time to read the policies and platforms of both the Progressive Conservatives and the Wild Rose Party, there is information regarding Agriculture.  But as far as stating these policies in public or during the leaders debate, we are not even on the radar.  These two leaders are scheduling a 1 hour stop on the campaign trail this morning in an agriculture setting.  Good photo opportunity, but have not taken the time to really get to the heart of things of what is needed in our industry and what will help agriculture producers in the future.

Maybe both of them would like to think about the impact on their education and health policies if there is no strong agriculture sector in Alberta.  How well do you think malnutritioned students will learn or how many more seniors will need care if they can't afford protein, or fruit and vegetables?  It is one thing to support rural communities with more learning opportunities and doctors, but what about sustaining and growing one of the most renewable resources we have in our province.  Again we are taking a back seat to all of the other Ministries.  I guess if there were more of us they might be worried about where our vote is going to go on April 23.  I hope your local candidates are listening to you.


Anonymous said...

Good points. Luckily PC candidate in Olds, Didsbury, Three Hills - Darcy Davis won the local debate in my mind due to the fact that he could personally relate to anyone concerned about ag policy in Alberta. Very well rounded candidate.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you are right that Agriculture doesn't get much attention in the parties platforms but I think with record grain and cattle prices it is hard to say the PCs haven't helped our industry. No they don't deserve all the credit but they have an excellent Ag minister in Evan Berger who is passionate about the industry. WildRose plans to tear down ALMA, and last night at a candidate forum in Highwood Danielle Smith said and I quote " BSE was a miniscule problem that the government overeacted too". Look at the shape our industry is in, the grass isn't always greener!