Thursday, January 13, 2011

Change....the one thing you can count on

There are so many things that happen in your day that you don't count on happening....both positive and negative, but the one thing that we can all count on is change.  This is especially true in the Agriculture business, sometimes that is all that keeps you going when you energy levels are low.  That things will change, maybe not as soon as we would like but they will change.

Back in October we had the opportunity to visit with our good friends Anton and Allie Volker from Texas, Queensland. There property is Maidenhead Station where they raise Red Simmental and Shorthorn cattle, along with their two children Sebastian & Charlotte. 

They have a beautiful home and property.  Here are some photos of when we were there.

It was a bit wet when we were there.

You can see how the homes are built at ground level,
not much to stop the water from coming in.
These are some of the photos of their property last week.  Quite a difference. 

Although they are feeling blessed as their stock and family are all safe.  Their paddocks are under water and a mess along with broken fences and irrigation equipment that has been whisked away, but all of those things are replaceable. 
Here are some more photos that Australia Simmental Breeders have sent into their association

Our hearts go out to everyone that is effected by this natural disaster.  We will keep our Australian friends in our thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

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