Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Real Hired Hands at High Country Cattle

Dogs have always been a part of our lives.  When Rob and I were dating he gave me a Border Collie pup named Jessie.  She was really good at one thing....chasing birds.  Needless to say she wasn't a part of the farm for long.  Several years later Rob purchased another working dog.  Jade became his right hand hired hand.  There wasn't a cow that she couldn't stop, she had a huge heart and loved to go to work with him.  His competative side took him to the trail field and he spent several years competing in arena and field trials.  Our working dogs have taught us how to work stock better.  Our cows are very dog broke.  Often Rob and the dogs will go and do a job that should take more man power.     
    Kurt - sire of the pups

Our old dog - Kurt is getting on in years and we wanted to raise a pup out of him.  Bud is 14-month-old and has a lot of natural instinct. 

Bud's dam - Cass - has recently had another litter of pups.  They are ready to go the end of February.  Pups from the last litter found new homes in the Northwest Territories, the Maritimes and across Alberta.  If you are interested in a new hired hand drop us a line at show12win@yahoo or bfcss@telus.net. There are 6 males and 2 females. These hired hands never complain about the weather, the long days or the pay.


Crystal Young said...

Hopefully some are left when I get home in March!


RobynBeazley said...

Aww....they are SO adorable!!